Annual Family Motorcycle Rally for all

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The summer months are a great time to go outside and enjoy the sun. If you love driving, why not take the opportunity to do it more often? There are many different motorcycle events that take place throughout the summer, allowing you to find one that meets your interests and schedule. it is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting motorcycle culture through various local events. Every year it organizes several family-friendly competitions that give motorcyclists a chance to show their skills, and at the same time have fun. Whether you are an experienced motorcyclist or a beginner trying something new, everyone will find something for themselves here.

Many different professions to choose from

At motorcycle competitions there are many different kinds of professions. There are drag racing, enduro racing, stunt shows and freestyle competitions. Freestyle competitions put competitors to the test when they show their tricks and skills on a dirt bike. Stunt shows are a type of competition that is more akin to a show. Players are paired with professional stuntmen who challenge them. Drag racing is a great way to test your straight line driving skills. In contrast, enduro competitions allow riders to test their endurance when overcoming difficult terrain. In the Setria's motorcycle competition, everyone will find something for themselves.

Events are family friendly and all skill levels are welcome

All competitions organized by they are family friendly and open to all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner trying your hand at a new sport or an experienced rider who wants to improve their skills, you will find an event that is right for you. There's even the option of trying out different disciplines, including flat track and hare scrambles, to see what interests you and make sure you're in the right competitions.

Annual Family Motorcycle Event

Every year, Setria's annual family motorcycle event brings together motorcyclists of all skill levels to compete in skill-off competitions. This event takes place during National Motorcycle Week, which takes place in the third week of July. This is a great opportunity to get to know motorcycle culture and meet others who have similar interests.

The event includes such competitions as bagging, break-away, extreme slalom, construction, wheelies and stoppies. Bagging and wheelies refer to tricks that riders can perform on their motorcycles. Break-aways are the part of the wheel that is usually attached to the rear wheel. Riders break away from the wheelie stand after crossing the jump. Construction is a timed event that requires the rider to follow the pattern of breaking the scheme of building a small section of the bridge. Extreme slalom consists of passing through cones arranged in a different pattern on each lap.

What to expect at motorcycle competitions

If you're new to the world of motorcycle racing, you may be wondering what to expect. While each event may be a little different, there are a few key features that are common to most motorcycle competitions. Here are a few things to look out for when you're in competition.

  • Training time-most competitions will start from the training period. This is a great opportunity to soak your feet and get acquainted with the course.

  • Skill challenges-some competitions have skill challenges that give riders a chance to show off their driving skills and earn extra points.

  • Racing-some races will have racing as part of the races. Depending on the type of race, you can ride individually or in a team.

  • Prizes and awards-after the competition there will be an awards ceremony, during which the organizers will award the best players in each event.